Teeth Removal
The decision to remove a tooth or teeth is based on a combination of the condition of the tooth, your dentist’s recommendation, and your needs. There are several indications for removal of teeth including the following:

  • Severe tooth decay that cannot be filled.
  • Fracture of the tooth that cannot be filled or have root canal.
  • Abscessed tooth that is painful and cannot or will not be restored.
  • Gum disease resulting in serious loss of supporting bone.
  • Baby teeth that are abscessed or over retained (kept too long).
  • Relieve crowding (make room to facilitate braces).
  • Poorly positioned teeth in the dental arch posing a hygiene problem.
  • Inadequate number of teeth to sustain chewing, leading the need for dentures.

You have several anesthetic options when undergoing dentoalveolar surgery:

  • Local anesthesia
  • Nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas)
  • Intravenous sedation/General anesthesia